She was coming from Barcelona and made a stop to visit us on December 13th, totally unannounced !
Cassandre was awarded a 2.1 in Global Marketing by July 2015.
Then, she went to study in Seoul, South Korea. During a training scheme on the Korean T.V. (she was marketing K Pop bands) she met a Chinese company, a manufacturer of video games.
After graduation (Master degree in Business in 2016) and as a top-ranked player, Cassandre was recruited by this company, EDward Gaming.
As a Life Coach, she actually travels the planet and manages a team of players from San Francisco to Toronto and from Cologne to Barcelona.
It was a pleasure to let her witness to the current cohort, in Mr Ortelli’s class.
















Adriane met us by November 2016. 
After an International Trade BTS and a B.A. in Global Marketing in Bon Secours, she went to Queen's (Belfast), for a Master in marketing. 
Since March 2017, Adrianne is a Rich Media Campaign Manager at Google for ACCENTURE (Dublin), the place to be in Europe.
The Dock is a multidisciplinary research (artificial intelligence, analytics and IoT) and incubation hub, located in the heart of the Dublin / Ireland in a connected workspace designed for creativity, collaboration and fun :)


(B.A. 2013)
- Louis S. is a graduate of  Aix-Marseille IAE, school of management.
He is now a HR Assistant in charge of the recruitement at The Brando, a luxury resort in Bora Bora + daily administration of the 300 employees!
- Angélique P. est Chargée de communication à Courbevoie
- Mélanie L. is doing Communication & Trade Marketing for Maison Altesse
- Thomas G. est Assistant Import à Naf-Naf
(B.A. 2014)
Lucas L. is Head of sourcing - IOT Valley Toulouse-Labège
Sébastien P. is a Logistics Manager in Hamburg
(B.A. 2015)
Mélanie L. is a Collections Associate - Birmingham, U.K.
(B.A. 2016)
Maëlle K. develops new digital products - Chef de produit à Bordeaux
Gabriel E. was a Marketing intern in L.A.. Il termine maintenant son M2 Mangement à l'IAE de Perpignan.
Margot A. est en charge de la clientèle étrangère chez SIXT à Bodeaux
​Maxime M. est en M2 parcours alternance à Montpellier Business School.                                                                    
JB est en année de césure après une première année à MBS, programme Grande Ecole.